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Lexi offers legal productivity tools for lawyers helping you get a head start on research, drafting and document review tasks. Lexi can improve your efficiency, creating more time to work on the important stuff: supporting your clients and growing your practice.

Lexi is massive time saver. You can quickly up-skill on areas outside your expertise. The semantic search capability improves the search experience and cuts down research time. I use it regularly as a research-starter, including when I’m at Court to find relevant cases and pinpoint procedural references.

- Leona Bennett, Accredited Specialist Family Law

I use Lexi to help me with problem questions, research assignments and for my study notes! Not only is Lexi great at identifying legal issues and applying relevant case law and legislation, she also points me in the direction of further reading by providing external links to the cases she cites in her answers. Lexi also breaks down legal concepts and problem questions, making them much easier to understand.

- Anonymous, Law Student, UOW

I've been using Ask Lexi since the Beta started in July 2023. As an in-house lawyer, I need to be able to efficiently address legal queries outside of my wheelhouse. Lexi helps me triage and understand those queries in minutes. I've also been impressed with how quickly the Lext team are rolling out new features. From research queries, to document review and legal drafting, it's been incredible to see so much progress in such a short period of time.

- Tanya Amarasingham, In-house Lawyer

Ask Lexi has been a fantastic addition to our firm! Having accurate and detailed information on such a wide range of legal topics, all at our fingertips, enables us to serve our clients more efficiently.

- Erin Vassallo, CEO & Co-Founder at Law Team

Ask Lexi is a very impressive product. The Q&A function delivers reliable answers to some of my more complex legal questions. It's similar to ChatGPT except the answers are more are accurate, detailed and include references. It's a game changer.

- Paul Bartholomew, RMB Lawyers


Lexi has been created to make your life easier - to spend less time on repetitive tasks like legal research, document review and simple drafting.

Legal Q&A

Legal Q&A

      Ask natural language questions about Australian law and instantly receive clear, simple answers or delve into more technical details with the Pro feature. Collaborate by sharing research with team members and compose emails summarising research sessions.



      CoAuthor is a legal drafting assistant that helps you get from blank page to first draft within minutes. CoAuthor enhances efficiency by automatically generating clauses and outputs based on an instruction or heading, while also offering the capability to refine your documents with rephrasing or expansion suggestions.

Doc Review

Doc Review

      Doc review is a comprehensive tool for document analysis, allowing users to effortlessly upload single or multiple documents to receive clear, plain-language summaries of their contents. Engage in interactive sessions, posing questions and obtaining summaries of uploaded documents.


We've got plans for everyone - choose the one that's right for you.

Monthly   Yearly
Free$0 per month
  • 10 free Q&A questions per month
  • Generate emails based on your conversation history
  • Share your sessions with other users
  • Starter$39 per month
  • All the features of Free, plus:
  • Unlimited legal Q&A
  • Document review - Ask questions about your own documents
  • Pro$79 per month
    Best for legal professionals
  • All the features of Starter, plus:
  • Longer Q&A answers, with citations and references, in Pro Mode
  • Ask Lexi CoAuthor - AI-assisted legal drafting
  • Custom dataset Q&A - Upload a bundle of documents to allow Ask Lexi to answer questions about an entire transaction or matter
  • EnterpriseBy design
    Bespoke Projects
  • All the benefits of Pro, and:
  • Specialised Data
  • Specialised Workflows
  • Integral Integrations
  • Integrations

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